Schedule Feasibility Study

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How long a project will run, analyzed by the schedule feasibility study?

A feasibility study not only collects the entire requirement and estimates the cost, but also calculate the total time for the completion of any project. Sometimes customer gives the timeline of the completion of the project, that time you have to set all the development according to the timelines. And then helps the schedule feasibility study. In this analysis we analyzed the project and estimates the time for the whole project.

This phase will help in many ways. For example, in the middle of the project you realize that the project is not moving in the speed you want, you can hire more people to increase the efforts and can complete the project in the given time. Also as the alternative, if your budget is not allowing you to hire more staffs you can retrain your existing ones in order to make your work in speed.

You can also do the assessment of the risks. Like whether the project is going to complete in the estimated timeline. And if not what are the problems going to come and what will the solutions of these problems. Analyst can mention all the possible risk and their solutions to avoid any kind of problem in the middle of the project. And these are to be done in schedule feasibility study.

Also in this assessment their must include some extension solutions like if project cant be completed in the estimated time then is there any possibility to extend the time. And if possible then what will be the extra cost coming and then also are we in the budget or not.

We can also include as an alternate for the timelines that we can avoid the holidays providing to the staffs. That means if project is about to finish and there is not much time left to complete, you can avoid the unwanted or not so much necessary holidays and can complete the project in the given time. For this the experts should have the good communications and understanding between the staffs and senior executives.