Bobsweep Vacuum Cleaner Review

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It can often be a bit tricky to pick out a vacuum for your home these days, especially with all the diverse brands and options out there on the market. I haven’t found a lot of bObsweep reviews that clarify the details. So here is a more well thought-out and detailed bObsweep review: >

Let’s start with the mopping feature:

The mopping is in fact the very important bonus for me, since my entire living room, kitchen and master bedroom is hardwood and only the two small bedrooms have carpet. The floor in my 2 bathrooms is tile too. Basically vacuuming doesn’t actually fresh the hardwood floor and I utilize the mop quite often.

There are two drawbacks with the mop: one is that you need to connect it every time you desire to mop and take away it again when you don’t want it mop which causes ache in the neck.

The second drawback is that since the mopping cloth is undersized, it gets filthy quickly and you have to clean it after every use, unless you clean everyday. In addition, if you don’t dust for a while, and the floors get more dirty, to obtain spotless floors, you will comprise to end bObsweep after 30 minutes or so, put back the cloth and run it again, because the mopping cloth gets dirty speedily. So it’s a bit complex. The assistance is that bObsweep’s mop is rather well-organized for a robot and chiefly if you cover face cleaning stuff on the cloth it does a good quality occupation of mopping. I would intend it differently though, to have the mopping extension installed behind bobsweep instead of under it and make it superior so that it could bear a bigger cloth.


So, I am sure if you have heard something about bObsweep review you know that its dustbin is rather superior than other robots since almost half of their website is devoted to remind you that! So let’s keep that aside. I am leaving to start with what I observe to be short comings: bObsweep does not pick up the whole thing in one pass, so it comes back for what it has missed (not always). So you can occasionally observe bObsweep going from side to side of your house 3 times while it totally leaves untouched some other spot. That means if you have a superior house, probabilities are you will include running bObsweep more than once to make sure it covers the entire place (and I have a mid-size 3 bedroom). The good thing about bObsweep’s vacuuming is that it is good with the corners especially when it moves linear.


So the remote is a good feature but man it took me a while to get used to it! It was very annoying at first because when you attempt to use the remote to take Bobsweep close to substance it automatically stops. At first I didn’t recognize what to do so I emailed them to obtain some info. They were pleasant and quick in getting back to me but it would have been recovered if the manual was more evocative. Basically you can’t make bObsweep jog into the wall head on; you have to run it alongside the wall with parallel to it with its right side alongside the wall since that is where the side brush is. Overall, the remote is not that user friendly so do wait for to have difficulties with at first.


BObsweep’s side brush is rather ordinary but its main brush is unbelievable. It is larger than any other robot’s main brush that I have seen and is intended really well for picking up longer hair (we do not have pets but my wife has very long hair).


As per bObsweep reviews, its battery end about an hour on full charge which is not bad considering the size of the machine and the weight of its full or even semi-full, 1 litre dustbin. Also, I forever have the UV light on when Bobsweep cleans which sucks up more battery. It is rather disappointing though that bObsweep stops vacuuming once its battery is near empty and it starts looking for its docking station with its vacuuming feature turned off (of course it still mop if the extension is attached). I believe it is planned this method to guard energy or something while it is penetrating for its docking station, but I’d just rather have it space to the last second it has battery. Unhappily, this is not possible unless you manually control the robot using the remote control.

The Bobsweep.Com is an online site which provides a robot vacuum cleaner which is a lot more productive than an ordinary vacuum cleaner. This particular bObsweep review will help you get detail information about bObsweep vacuum cleaner and you can be free to buy them.